The Times of India

Hard selling software Taking the Down out of slowdown It will be incorrect to say today that the Indian software industry will remain insulated against and immune to the US economic slowdown. However, the fact remains that while some software exporters are getting hit, some are still managing good export growth rates, and yet others[…]

Hindustan Times

Sops for Software Finance Minister announces IT-friendly Budget The IT industry’s faith in Finance Minister Mr. Yashwant Sinha and IT Minister Mr. Pramod Mahajan has been vindicated. For the third year running, the finance minister has come out with a budget that is oriented to needs of this burgeoning industry. The Finance Minister has been[…]

The Times of India

Hard Times, Soft Budget Let’s hear IT for e-commerce IT’s time again for Finance Minister Mr. Yashwant Sinha to unfold Budget 2001. Last year, in fact, the minister virtually swept the IT industry off its feet with his thoughtful financial plan. It was as though the minister had been conducting an IT philharmonic, specially “tuned”[…]

The Times of India – Delhi Times

It is the Chambers at Taj Mahal Hotel, Mumbai. Ashni Parekh picks up her mobile phone which is beeping actively. She has a message on it. It’s Valentine’s Day the next day, and Archies Gift Gallery, a stone’s throw from the hotel she is currently in, has some very special incentives for its clients. Parekh,[…]

Business India

India is on the threshold of a acquiring its first set of truly Internet-enabled cyber laws. The IT Act, which encompasses these new rules and procedures has already done its rounds of Parliament and is set for implementation. Cyber laws will in fact be implemented during September, 2000. The Draft Rules have been announced on[…]

The Times of India – Ahmedabad

Who can teach a Gujarati to do business? It’s like wondering whether a duck can take to water. When it comes to commerce and trade, Gujaratis are the Number One Community –making money is in our genes. This penchant for creating wealth is only going to get honed further under the new Internet regime, where[…]

The Times of India – Bombay Times

While the “I Love You” virus created havoc worldwide, India was relatively less smitten by the love bug. In spite of early warnings, in India, more than 25,000 computers (out of a total base of 4.7 million computers) were infected by the love bug. However, worldwide, this virus infected more than one million computers–within a[…]