To establish, maintain, manage and/or assist institutions engaged in imparting education and training in information and Internet Technology and conducting research in information technology and other fields of education.

To propagate education in information technology including education through internet amongst people at large and educate them the importance of information technology culture and knowledge by establishing, maintaining and/or assisting training centers, classes, research centers.

To undertake, prosecute, develop, coordinate and/or carry out any kind of fundamental and/or applied research in connection with or related to information technology and other fields of education.

To encourage and assist deserving students in the field of information technology by establishing and supporting with scholarships, prizes, awards, trophies, merit certificates at any school, college, institution, university training centers, etc.

DMFT has donated to various institutions and charitable organisations which are supporting the objectives stated above. DMFT now proposes to form a memorial center at Umreth, the birth place of Late Dewang Mehta. The center will have computers for general use by the local residents. The local residents will also be trained to use the computer and utilize the same to enhance importance of information technology culture.